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The Plateau PC Users Group is a non-profit organization of computer users designed to assist  residents of Crossville, Tennessee and the surrounding area to become better acquainted with their computers, software and peripherals.  The organization provides a forum for discussion of personal computing issues and help in solving computer- and Internet-related problems, while providing education and support to its members.

Our Meetings


Our monthly meetings feature a presentation on a popular personal computing topic followed by an open-ended Question and Answer session.  This meeting is held at the Christ Lutheran Church in Fairfield Glade on the Second Tuesday of each month, starting at 6pm.  Please Note:  Our new meeting day is the second Tuesday of each month and starting with the April meeting, we will shift to summer hours starting at 6pm. Click for a map.

 Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 11th. 

The September meeting of the Plateau PC Users Group will feature a presentation by Steve Rosenstein, President of PPCUGon DashCams and GPS receivers.  He will give an overview of the current dashcams available for purchase along with buying information to help you choose what features, and price range, is best for you.  He will also touch on the current selections and features of the GPS and why you might consider still mounting one on your car even though it comes with one built in.  Map

The Photo Special Interest Group ("Photo Club") meets monthly with a combined image editing and image sharing/discussion session, at the Fairfield Glade library building ( map ).  They share techniques and photos taken by members.  Click for more information about this Group.

Our Resources

  • Monthly Newsletter:   Published January - November each year.  Contains interesting articles on personal computing and PPCUG information.  Link

  • Monthly Q&A sessions:  a part of our monthly meeting where attendees can ask questions and (hopefully) get answers from PPCUG members.

  • Monthly Meetings:  The regular monthly meetings held January - November, include a presentation on a current computing topic.  If you can't attend a meeting one month, you can usually find a copy of the presenters handout or slide show on our website.

  • Q&A Info Blog:  New January 2018  We post answers to questions raised at our meetings to claify the answers given at the meeting and to share information with our members who did not attend.  Here is the link


Next Meeting: September 11th: DashCams and GPS.    

New!! Q and A Blog