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The Plateau PC Users Group is a non-profit organization of computer users designed to assist  residents of Crossville, Tennessee and the surrounding area to become better acquainted with their computers, software and peripherals.  The organization provides a forum for discussion of personal computing issues and help in solving computer- and Internet-related problems, while providing education and support to its members.

Our Meetings:  Our monthly meetings feature a presentation on a popular personal computing topic followed by an open-ended Question and Answer session.  This meeting is held at the Christ Lutheran Church in Fairfield Glade on the Second Tuesday of each month, starting at 3pm .  Please Note:  Starting with the June meeting, we will stop having summer/winter hours and meet each month at 3pm.   


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              Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 10, 2021 3pm 

The Plateau PC Users Group (PPCUG) will meet Tuesday, Aug 10 at Christ Lutheran Church, corner of Snead and Lake View in Fairfield Glade.  The meeting will start at 3PM. Please note that this meeting time will be permanent for the entire year, rather than changing times for the summer/winter seasons.


Carl Nordeen will present the program on the upcoming Windows 11: what’s new, what’s been removed, what’s stayed the same. Some of the Windows 10 components have either been removed or relegated to lesser importance. Others have been modified, while the remaining features have been enhanced. Basically Windows 11 is the same as Windows 10 with some changes. Most users should have no problem going to Windows 11 if their computer specifications will meet those of Windows 11.  These specifications will also be discussed.

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          Note:  Social distancing is recommended and face coveringa are optional

Our Resources:


  • Monthly Newsletter:   Published January - November each year.  Contains interesting articles on personal computing and PPCUG information.  Link

  • Monthly Q&A sessions:  a part of our monthly meeting where attendees can ask questions and (hopefully) get answers from PPCUG members.

  • Monthly Meetings:  The regular monthly meetings held January - November, include a presentation on a current computing topic.  If you can't attend a meeting one month, you can usually find a copy of the presenters handout or slide show on our website.