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Who We Are ... What We Do

The Plateau PC Users Group is a non-profit organization of computer users designed to assist  residents of Crossville, Tennessee and the surrounding area to become better acquainted with their computers, software and peripherals.  The organization provides a forum for discussion of personal computing issues and help in solving computer- and Internet-related problems, while providing education and support to its members.

Our Meetings:  Our monthly meetings feature a presentation on a popular personal computing topic followed by an open-ended Question and Answer session.  This meeting is held at the Christ Lutheran Church in Fairfield Glade on the Second Tuesday of each month, starting at 3pm .  

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              Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 13, 2024 3pm 

The Plateau PC Users Group (PPCUG) will meet at Christ Lutheran Church, corner of Snead and Lakeview in Fairfield Glade. The meeting will start at 3 PM. The regular question and answer session will follow the main presentation at 4 PM.

Presentation:  Bob Willis, a long-time tax preparer and one of our club Directors will  presenter this month. Little has changed for 2023 tax returns, and not much more is expected until 2025, other than the normal inflation related changes such as tax brackets, standard  deductions, etc.  After 2025, there could be significant changes with or without Congressional action. Many current tax provisions are scheduled to expire after 2025. These provision will roll back to the tax laws that were in effect in 2017, unless Congress intervenes. We will
review several recently proposed tax law changes and the impact of returning to 2017
tax laws. We will also review several tax changes that took effect with recent Federal legislation: the Secure Act that revised Retirement Account rules, and the Inflation Reduction
Act that extended and enhanced provisions for Residential Energy Credits and Electric Vehicle Credits. Some provisions of both bills were implemented in 2023 and others are effective in 2024 and beyond. Neither of these laws have received much publicity

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Our Resources:


  • Monthly Newsletter:   Published January - November each year.  Contains interesting articles on personal computing and PPCUG information.  Link

  • Monthly Q&A sessions:  a part of our monthly meeting where attendees can ask questions and (hopefully) get answers from PPCUG members.

  • Monthly Meetings:  The regular monthly meetings held January - November, include a presentation on a current computing topic.  If you can't attend a meeting one month, you can usually find a copy of the presenters handout or slide show on our website.

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