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Photo Club

We are photographers who value the art and science of capturing and sharing exceptional images for the purpose of improving our craft.

As a Special Interest Group of the Plateau PC Users Group located on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, we welcome all interested participants.

In June 2018, the Plateau Photography and the Photo Editing Workshop Groups merged their monthly meetings into one meeting to be held on the third Thursday of each month, except for the months of December and February downstairs at the Fairfield Glade Library building (formerly the Multi-Purpose building), Room C, at 455 Lakeview Drive next to the swimming pool area. Enter the lower level from outside below the deck in back.


Members of the PPCUG may attend at no charge; guests are asked to pay $3 for these workshops (the $3 fee is good for all meetings and workshops in the month paid).


As more people take digital pictures, photo editing has become a necessary and essential part of producing the final picture.   Since over 95% percent of all pictures taken today are photo edited in some way, it was felt that the two topics should be combined in our meetings.


The meetings will have monthly assignments covering a various categories.  Each member will be asked to bring the original picture taken and then explain the photo editing tools used to produce the final picture.  There will be discussion covering the picture itself and the tools used and why they were used.  Pictures with no photo editing are also welcomed.


Each meeting will try to include short presentations on photography practices and/or photo editing techniques.  The topics and assignments will be published in advanced to allow enough time for each member to plan and carry out their assignments.   The SIG leader is Jim Gries. at

To learn more about us, click on the following links:

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